For Tech Lovers that are also poets.

The City clock is a binary clock inside a wooden Parisian Haussmannian building.
This family-work of art, beauty and technology makes classicism move ahead with modernism. It does not only provide time, but also dreams. It is sold everywhere in the world, and has charmed thousands of people including MoMa Design Store in New York City and Tokyo.
And if you are a super-geek, the clock is based on an Arduino and is fully reprogrammable. We even provide some sample codes. Everybody likes it, from 7 to 77 years old.

: +8 +4 + 2 + 1
How to read time

The first floor equals +1, the second equals +2, the third equals +4 and the top one equals +8. To get the time you add up the value of the lighted windows in each column. click here to add 1 minute.

Family owned

We are the Berbesson family. Victor & Lucas (the brothers) imagined the concept. Philippe (the father) made the drawings and Claire (Lucas's wife) launched a kickstarter campain and produced the Clock.

Sold all around the world

Since 2017, more than 2000 Clocks have been sent all around the world : Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, United States...

The Gallery

Beautiful in all circumstances.

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Thank you all !