How to read a binary clock ?

The idea of the binary clock is simple. Instead of displaying numbers, it displays columns of lights that correspond to numbers. All you need to do is memorize which numbers the rows correspond to.
We created an interactive example based on the design of the City Clock to help you understand.
It is now displaying the current time and should change every minute :

: +8 +4 + 2 + 1
The first floor equals +1, the second equals +2, the third equals +4 and the top one equals +8. To get the time you add up the value of the lighted windows in each column.

There are a lot of different versions of binary clocks. We got the idea of making it look like a building while walking along the Seine in Paris. We have imagined a Clock with an Haussmannian shape where the lighted windows could tell the time as if someone was living inside.