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The City Clock is a binary clock inside a wooden Parisian building for tech-lovers who are also poets.
Is is sold as a kit to assemble (very easy to do, tutorial available here).
The Clock needs a USB power supply to run.

If you want more, please contact us
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      cabuil 15/11/2022

      Depuis 3 ans dans notre salon, elle est formidable. Fonctionne parfaitement. Très ludique. Immense bravo aux créateurs français. Cela fait plaisir.

      George Lai 25/07/2022

      I just got my clock! Just wanted to say out of the items I’ve bought in the past years this clock is just wonderful, your team did a fantastic job and it is so clever.

      Have a nice day!

      Michele Brown 06/01/2022

      I found The City Clock while searching for Architectural Model kits the wooden 3D type but not child like think Frank Lloyd Wright or an Beautiful Victorian house.
      When I notice City house it was kind of the best of both worlds as it’s both beautiful and functional and so fun to make the brain learn a different clock. I received it about a week and a few days ago. I finally put it together today. I love it !

      Sophie Boussaguet 11/01/2021

      Super cadeau, très beau et très ludique !

      AC 08/01/2021

      Je l’ai offerte en cadeau pour Noël: succès immédiat. Dans notre salon elle fait déco et les enfants adorent lire l’heure dessus.

      Michael Hartmann 01/01/2021

      I was thinking about buying this clock for a while and finally decided to buy it with some birthday money.It’s just a wonderful time piece easy to assemble and looks amazing.

      Mercedes Chamba 05/12/2020

      Un vrai enchantement, très poétique.
      Je suis ravie!!!!
      Merci pour cette belle création

      David Brown 24/05/2020

      Finally built it in COVID lockdown after buying it on Kickstarter years ago . Sprayed it mat black, love it so much.

      Ruosha 01/05/2020

      Love it! First saw it in MOMA a coupe of years ago and so happy it arrived during current situation. It brightened by days! Take care workshop!

      Dumenil 09/03/2020

      Une riche idée, originale et élégante.
      Pour emporter partout avec soi un petit coin de Paris!
      Merci à Laure et Clément de ce cadeau

      Tom Ladiges 03/01/2019

      A nice piece of work.
      A very elegant design, highly decorative and easy to build.
      A pleasure to look at with the perfect balance beauty and ‘nerd-factor’.
      I hope you will make more nice kits in the future.

      Manière Isabelle 16/10/2018

      Facile à monter, la City Clock est une petite madeleine de Proust, on savoure le plaisir de la construction avec cet objet raffiné et intelligent.

      Jeanne Dileo 28/09/2018

      Fabulous clock!! Fun to customize, easy to assemble, and way cool as a clock!

      Omar Mesarwi 13/09/2018

      This is a fantastic design, very well thought out, very simple to put together but extremely elegant.

      LOUIS BOTTINELLI 27/07/2018

      Je ne me lasse pas de guetter l’allumage de la prochaine diode, à consommer sans modération !
      Piston pour la qualité de la réalisation et la facilité du montage.

      Marianne Protin 26/03/2018

      Elégante, chaleureuse, elle procure une présence rassurante et anime les nuits d’insomnie…

      Geneviève 28/02/2018

      I love my city-clock! Easy to built .
      Ravie de l’avoir reçue pour Noël.

      Lemerle family 02/02/2018

      Great piece of clock !! 🏛🗼🖼⏳

      Gary Kirkpatrick 25/01/2018

      The City Clock Circuit Board works great, My twin 8 year old sons and I built a Lego house for it . Nice way to introduce them to binary numbers.

      Anu 11/12/2017

      I love my city-clock! Easy to built and looks really nice on the table. Now I´m just waiting to collect more houses like this, the whole village maybe?

      Balázs 10/12/2017

      This clock is amazing. Perfect work and nice design. The most beautiful thing on my shelf. I’m looking forward the next idea.

      Elliott Himelfarb 10/12/2017

      A wonderful mix of classic Paris architecture + digital genius graces our Sarasota, FL home. Many thanks for your design and vision!

      Fanny 03/12/2017

      Quelle magnifique création ! La City Clock rythme lumineusement mes heures, sur l’étagère au-dessus de mon bureau. Elégante et poétique, moderne et classique, respect !

      Felix Marquette 30/11/2017

      Good job les cousins, as always !

      Miquelard 04/11/2017

      Simple, rapide à monter
      Excellent jeu pour la lecture de l’heure
      Superbe finition des détails de la façade hausmannienne….bravo!

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  • Inside

    The kit is delivered in a nice flat box. It contains :
    - The wooden parts
    - A black stand where the wooden parts will fit
    - An arduino (the clock works out of the box, but is fully reprogrammable if you are a geek !)
    - An electronic circuit
    - A USB cable
    The clock needs to be powered via the USB cable. You can use any spare USB power adapter.
    The USB power adapter and the glue are not included.
    The assembly of the Clock takes roughly 10-15 minutes and is very easy. A video tutorial is here to guide you.

    Dimensions :

    Width 11 cm
    Length 11 cm
    Height 20.5 cm
    Weight 0.7 kg